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Return & Refund Policy

Cancellations, Refunds & Returns. Customers have 24 hours to cancel their order and receive a 100% refund. All cancellation requests must be emailed to After 24 hrs., all sales are final and subject to a 10% refund processing fee (manufacturer’s standard is 25% cancellation fee if returned to them). If the customer cancels while the order is in transit or after delivery they will be responsible for the refund processing fee plus all inbound and outbound packaging / shipping / insurance costs. Shipping and installation costs are non-refundable.

Delayed shipping lead times, back orders, delivery scheduling conflicts, difficult installs, cosmetic blemishes that don’t affect the functionality, freight damage, etc. all are not deemed reasonable cause for cancellation/refunds, unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties in writing. All refunds will be issued in the original payment method unless otherwise mutually agreed upon.

Card transactions will be refunded in the same method and all other forms of payment will be refunded with a certified bank check. If you wish to cancel within 45 business days and the equipment has not shipped, you will be responsible for 10% refund processing fee. If we cannot ship your order within that time frame we will honor a 100% full refund with no processing fees.