The SL7034 plate loaded strength training equipment is made of super-sized tubes, and each part is processed by multiple processes to ensure the equipment is durable. The back and shoulder cushions are filled with high-density pads, which conform to the contour of the human body, and give a stable effect and maximum comfort during exercise. The unique rolling pattern on the surface of the aluminum handle effectively increases the grip and prevents slippage. The surface of the handle is wrapped and extended with anti-skid gloves; the large-area steel anti-skid pedal makes the exercise more stable, comfortable and effective.

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Product Name Squart
Resistance Plate Loaded
Function Multi-functional
Maximum Load 150 KG x 2
Targeted Muscle Rectus Femoris / Vastus Lateralis / Gastronemius
Targeted Body Part Lower Limb
Product Dimension 2260 x 1260 x 1800 mm
Net Weight 212 KG
Gross Weight 251 KG

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Weight 211 kg