The SL7028 flat bench press training equipment is made of super-sized tubing, and each part is processed by multiple processes to ensure the equipment is durable. The overall structure is connected by multiple reinforcing connecting rods to ensure the stability of the instrument; all the floor pads at the bottom are equipped with large area rubber feet to increase the friction and contact area with the ground and improve the stability; high-density seats are used The padding is in line with the contour of the human body, giving a stable effect and maximum comfort during the exercise; the double-layer limit meets the training needs of users with different arm lengths, and the limit surface is wrapped by shock-resistant cushioning materials, effectively reducing

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Product Name Flat Bench
Resistance Plate Loaded
Function Multi-functional
Maximum Load N/A
Targeted Muscle Pectoral / Triceps
Targeted Body Part Chest / Upper Limb
Product Dimension 1910 x 1738 x 1315 mm
Net Weight 111 KG
Gross Weight 126 KG

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Weight 126 kg