The SL7024 plate loaded strength training equipment is made of super-sized tubes, and each part is processed by multiple processes to ensure the equipment is durable. The seat and leg baffles are filled with high-density cushions, which conform to the contour of the human body, and give a stable effect and maximum comfort during exercise. The surface of the handle is covered with non-slip material to effectively increase the grip and prevent sliding. The adjustable grip handle can provide two different power modes; the elongated handle meets the exercise needs of people of different heights and arm spans. It adopts an adaptive seat adjustment mechanism. Compared with the traditional latch structure, it has a larger adjustment range, and the structure is stable and easy to adjust.

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Product Name Tricep Dip
Resistance Plate Loaded
Function Monofunctional
Maximum Load 300 KG
Targeted Muscle Pectoral / Triceps
Targeted Body Part Chest / Upper Limb
Product Dimension 1733 x 1580 x 1202 mm
Net Weight 166.3 KG
Gross Weight 185.4 KG

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Weight 175.4 kg