IT7015C Incline Bench Press is an exclusive device for exercising the upper bundle of pectoralis major muscle. The instrument is equipped with a three level limit gear plate to meet the needs of people with different wingspans. The gear plate is processed by multiple processes to be durable, corrosion-resistant and luster. The widened and thickened cushion provides good support for the user. The widened cushion at the waist and hip provides the user with good comfort. At the same time, the width of the shoulder and back is slightly reduced to provide a certain activity space to allow the user to push the shoulders on the chest. The base adopts multi-foot support to ensure stability. And it can be equipped with auxiliary pedal, the structure is simple and convenient to install without loss of integrity. The large rubber pedal can effectively prevent slippage and meet the needs of assisters of different heights.

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Product Name Incline Bench Press
Resistance Plate Loaded
Function Multi-functional
Targeted Muscle Pectrolis Major / Anterior Deltoid Facicles / Shroud
Targeted Body Part Chest / Upper Limb
Upholstery Color Dark Grey Leather / Light Grey
Plastic Color Black
Regulating Part Color Yellow
Pedal Assistor N/A
Product Dimension 1661 x 1668 x 1373 mm
Net Weight 106.5 KG
Gross Weight 114.7 KG

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Weight 106.5 kg