IT7003E abdominal muscle training chair is a device used to train the abdominal muscles, such as rectus abdominis, internal oblique, external oblique, transversus abdominis, etc. The user uses the device in a lying position, holds the top of the grip with both hands, and performs abdominal curling exercises. The grip adopts an artificially designed non-slip and durable handle, which makes the grip and arm placement more comfortable. It avoids the damage to the cervical spine caused by excessive force when the upper limbs are placed behind the head during the curling process, and the design of the handle in front of the body is reduced The difficulty of abdominal curling allows users to focus more on exerting force to protect the lumbar spine. The ingenious design of the back pad also reduces the pressure on the lumbar spine. The cushion is made of monochrome high-density foam to make it comfortable and durable.

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Product Name Abdominal Bench
Resistance Free Weight
Function Monofunctional
Targeted Muscle Rectus Abdominis
Targeted Body Part Waist
Upholstery Color Dark Grey Leather / Light Grey Leather + PVC
Plastic Color Black
Pedal Assistor N/A
Product Dimension 1748 x 933 x 1063 mm
Net Weight 57 KG
Gross Weight 65.7 KG

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Weight 65.7 kg