• The 45° tilt gives the seat and back cushions an ergonomic angle
  • A large foot pedal allows users to find the right training position and maintain
  • Roller adopts high hardness, high steel, high wear-resistant engineering material, rolling smoothly on the slide rail to ensure smooth training
  • High-strength engineering plastic barbell tube protective cover
  • Strong frame and pulley to ensure smooth movement
  • Limiting mechanism to ensure the safety of the trainer
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Product Name Hack Squat
Resistance Plate Loaded
Function Monofunctional
Maximum Load 175 KG x 2
Targeted Muscle Hamstring Muscle / Hip Muscle Group / Calf Muscle
Targeted Body Part Lower Limbs
Product Dimension 1982 x 1485 x 1318 mm
Net Weight 100.6 KG
Gross Weight 128.2 KG

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