• The oversized widened back pad is designed to meet the training needs of different groups.
  • Initial height can be adjusted quickly with an easy lock-in system for efficiency
  • High Strength engineering plastic barbell tube protective cover
  • Extended auxiliary handles allow for quicker and easier positioning on the bench.
  • A hard chrome-plated guide bar with linear bearing makes exercise smoother.
  • Limiting mechanism to ensure the safety of the trainer.
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Product Name Vertical Leg Press
Resistance Plate Loaded
Function Monofunctional
Maximum Load 100 KG x 2 + 150 KG x 1
Targeted Muscle Rectus femoris / External femoruis / Hip muscle group / calf muscle group
Targeted Body Part Lower Limbs
Product Dimension 1655 x 1214 x 1711 mm
Net Weight 110.4 KG
Gross Weight 120 KG

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