• Adjusted foam roller are designed to avoid physical injury.
  • Adjustable seat accommodates different user’s height and arm length.
  • Yellow circle pivot helps to assume the correct position during workout .
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Product Name Seated Leg Curl
Security ISO20957GB17498-2008
Certification NA
Patent 201420021570.4 201020631254.0
Resistance Selectorized
Multi-Function Monofunctional
Targeted Muscle Biceps Femoris / Semitendinosus
Targeted Body Lower Limbs
Pedal NA
Pedal Assistor NA
Upholstery Colors Brown PVC
Plastic Color Light Grey
Regulating Part Color Yellow
Hook NA
Barbell Plate Storage Bar NA
Product Dimension 1148 x 1034 x 1503 mm
Net Weight 105 KG
Gross Weight 123.5 KG
Opt Weight Stack 160LBS / 200LBS / 235LBS / 296LBS

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