SL7047 is a machine that mainly exercises the core muscles of the lower back, mainly for erector spinae, multifidus, gluteus maximus and hamstrings. Impulse invites professional teams in the field of physical fitness and bodybuilding to perform repeated optimizations, so that the target muscle groups can be fully contracted during use. The equipment is made of super-sized tubing, and each part is processed through multiple processes to ensure the equipment is durable.



Product Name Multi Hyper Extension
Security Static Load / Dynamic Load /Stability
Resistance Free Weight
Multi-Function Multi-Functional
Targeted Muscle Erector Spinae
Targeted Body Back / Abdomen
Upholstery Color Black 1.2mm PVC
Plastic Color Black
Regulating Part Color Yellow
Pedal Assistor N/A
Product Dimension 1340 x 947 x 765mm
Net Weight 55.2KG
Gross Weight 62KG

Additional information

Weight 55.2 kg