• D-shaped weight stack cage for ultra durability and stability
  • Translucent ABS shroud for ultra durability and shock resistance
  • Double-stitched igh-density poly-foam for comfort
  • Bottle holder and seat adjustment handles
  • Features Nylon-coated 12 complex fiber self-lubricate American loos™ cable
  • Equipped with Ergonomic handle bars in TPV material that has aluminum ring limit
  • All dynamic components are shielded and meets EN957 safety regulation
  • Has lathed pulley with bearing of less tolerance
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Product Name Lat Pulldownvertical Row
Security ISO20957GN17498-2008
Certification NSCC
Patent 201420021570.4 201620589299.3
Resistance Selectorized
Multi-Function Multi-Funtion
Targeted Muscle Latissimus Dorsi / Teres Major / Infraspinatus
Targeted Body Part Back Pedal / Standard Shroud Double-sided / Complete Enclosure
Upholstery Color Red + Microgroove + PVC
Plastic Color Light Grey
Regulting Part Color Yellow
Pedal Assistor No Hook / Barbell Plate Storage
Product Dimension 1900 x 900 x 2230 mm
Net Weight 120kg
Gross Weight 145.2kg
Opt Weight Stack 160lbs / 200lbs / 235lbs / 295lbs

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Weight 145.2 kg