• Ergonomically angled handle bar offers ideal workout.
  • Ergonomic handle bar is self-adaptive to meet various users requirements.
  • Upholstery offers support to both elbows and chest for comprehensive biceps workout.
  • Self-lubricating cable with nylon-coated fibre ensures service life more than 250 thousand uses.
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Product Name Arm Curl
Security ISO20957GB17498-2008
Certification NSCC
Patent 201020631275.2 201020661845.2 201420021570.4 201620589299.3
Resistance Selectorized
Multi-Function Monofunctional
Targeted Muscle Biceps
Targeted Body Upper Limb
Pedal NA
Pedal Assistor NA
Upholstery Colors Red + Microgroove + PVC
Plastic Color Light Grey
Regulating Part Color Yellow
Hook No
Barbell Plate Storage Bar No
Product Dimension 1310 x 1214 x 1506 mm
Net Weight 115.5 KG
Gross Weight 141.2 KG
Opt Weight Stack 160LBS / 200LBS / 235LBS / 296LBS

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