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When it comes to gym equipment, there are a ton of different brands, types, and styles of equipment; it can get a little overwhelming. From treadmills and rowing machines to adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells, a fitness business often requires a lot of different types of equipment to create the very best member experience.

The ever-expanding gym equipment market and increasing demand for fitness mean there is a wide range of fitness equipment available on the market. Interest in home gym equipment continues to rise and the demand for Bluetooth-connected, smart, and high-quality gym equipment is clear. It’s not just businesses that are buying gym equipment but home users too.

In this article, we try to understand how the gym equipment market is changing and some of the top places to buy gym equipment in the US.

The world of gym equipment is vast. There are a lot of different types of fitness equipment with various features and connectivity like a touchscreen and streaming abilities. You can go from a no-frills treadmill to a smart rower with full connectivity. Your gym equipment is a huge part of the member experience. It creates a level of convenience and allows members to hit their fitness goals. With that in mind, let’s look at the various machines and gym equipment you can purchase.

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